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“CAFFETTI” - A combination of the artists true last name “Caffey” & the word “Confetti”. Caffetti is a born & raised Queens, NY native who uses his creative platform to speak on tough subjects but most importantly, Mental Health. The Artist's work allows the aesthetes to view the art from various perspectives & while doing so they will allow the colors to subconsciously alter their moods. Art should have an end result of joy, even if derived from a dark place. The use of depth & symmetry will influence perceptions easily swayed by the wandering eye of the onlooker. The end goal of Caffetti's work is to provide learning opportunities, ignite conversations and give positive life affirmations. 

"Art is the purest form of learning, without realizing you transition momentarily into a mindset from childhood where learning was fun. This involuntary brain function is what gives us "creative freedom". To be set "free"  from thinking constructively allows the brain to reach new plateaus & discover oneself in ways many never thought possible."


"My mind is free, I am creative, therefore I control my destiny."

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